Process simplified to Build an Online Fitness business

eLearning course platform with efficient client-getting innovations that's working right now. An all-in-one web service to launch your done for you site and time-saving tools to coach your clients.

eLearning course platform with client-getting innovations that's working right now. An all-in-one web service to launch your done for you site and time-saving tools to coach your clients.

Read This Before Starting Trial

Gregory James

Founder of

If your high stress job has brought financial stability in your life but you're looking to quit because it's unfulfilling.

Then this will be the most important letter you'll read today if you want to have work/life balance, live happier, healthier while helping others do the same. By building a online fitness coaching business as your escape plan without worrying about your current net worth taking a hit. 

But First A Disclaimer

Please understand all businesses entail risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND DO NOT JOIN. You're required to put in some work, not a lot of it, but some work upfront is obviously required to make things happen.

With that said, let's jump right and show you...

Exactly What's Inside

The Simpler More eLearning platform includes detailed yet simple, proprietary 'tried and tested' methods which shows you exactly how to build your fitness coaching online business from scratch, a to z. Even if nobody never heard of you. Without gimmicky marketing. Without the need for social media. And without wasting time by spending hours everyday on content creation. 

You'll get our proprietary process to accomplish this. Which is broken down into 8 components that connects the dots for you and fits a piece at a time. Showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why. It also includes templates, software, and tools to help you follow and implement everything. 

Here's What You'll Learn

The foundations

Discover the laws of behavior change to build better habits for daily consistent progress. And identifying your most valuable tasks.

exit planning strategy

The phase of transformation by reverse engineering the amount of clients you need in accords to your lifestyle goals.

Brand Market Targeting

How to stand out by reaching people most trainers will never be able to reach. And Know everything you need to know to target them. 

value pricing 

Exactly how much to charge per client in order to have sustainable profits and which prospects are likely to pay you the most with the least resistance. 

website conversion

Website method that works extremely well to convert cold leads and positions you as a trusted authority. And how to setup and personalize your done for you site.

ppc advertising

Get quality clients with google PPC advertising. We'll show you the Simpler More PPC traffic method. That's the most targeted, immediate, consistent, and cost-effective.

sales and payments

How to close sale with a friendly, low key way without being salesy. Includes script template. And how to accept payments over the phone.

program fulfillment 

How to efficiently program and deliver your programs, manage And track your clients progress with our template and tools.

accounting, legal & tax

All the legals you need to know to structure your coaching business efficiently: contracts, legals, tax, templates, terms and condition etc.

Here's How It Works


Follow the step-by-step process. Where at each step, you'll see your progress. And see what you need to work on and what’s left to finish. 


Customize and launch your client-getting, done for you site. And build your clients programs and keep them on track with our coaching tools.


No matter how good the methods and tools are, you'll always have questions. Get 24/7 Support - available via email and chat to help.

Whats The Done For You Site?

Since we don't want you to feel overwhelmed and waste your time with all the techy stuff like figuring out how to setup a website, designing a website, and using generic website builders, or other software that won't even convert very well. 

We made it efficient and convenient for you to launch and personalize your own sales-ready fitness client-getting website.

Because we have done all the heavy lifting for you already. By giving you a 'done for you site' template with the proven framework that converts new visitors to your site into qualified leads. 

It's a simple high-converting one page website template that works for any fitness or sports training niche. It's designed to make your visitor’s eye move and focus on the right components of your page, in the order that makes your traffic convert visitors into qualified leads consistently with predictability.

The templates sole intention is making it sell your fitness coaching service, nothing else. Only edit a few things to be personalized and relevant to your coaching service. 

This differs from the other website builders that have many unnecessary templates based on artistry, not industry and not built to boost conversions. 

Fast and Secure Website Hosting

You're able to add your domain to your site template and go live immediately with our fast and secured hosting server.

Set Up And Accept Payments Without Hassle

You don't have to leave the SimplerMore dashboard for payment-related tasks. Create and deploy payment forms with simple and seamless integration with Stripe to get you paid easier and faster.

Set Up And Accept Payments Without Hassle

You don't have to leave the SimplerMore dashboard for payment-related tasks. Create and deploy payment forms with simple and seamless integration with Stripe to get you paid easier and faster.

Fast and Secured Hosting

You're able to add your domain to your site template and go live immediately with our fast and secured hosting server.

Schedule With Less Back and Forth

Only talk with qualified prospects by using our qualifying questionnaire template and form builder. Then, set your availability so potential clients can find a time that works.

Get Client Coaching Contracts Signed Fast

Use the SimplerSignature™ tool and contract builder with contract templates. And securely collect electronic signatures from your site. Download or receive attachment of signed documents as a PDF.

Train More Clients In Less Time

Use our simplified online coaching software. Build workout programs with a few clicks. Add session notes, videos, and meal plans. Add workouts straight to your clients calendar. Know when they mark a workout as complete. Send automatic reminder messages. 

This Is Not For Everybody

Our online eLearning and all-in-one fitness coaching platform isn't for everyone. And we feel it's necessary to give you more reasons why you shouldn't join and who this is for. We've got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met before you join.

Here it is:

Growth Mindset

Don't join unless you're a beginner that enjoys simplicity, and the process of learning and becoming better. Because this is not for do-nothing know-it-alls who make things complicated. 


Don't join if you're not passionate about fitness, nutrition, and helping others. If you only want to "try" coaching and see what happens, then this isn't for you. You must see the long-term vision.

Financially Stable

This is not cheap. It's "affordable" for those who can afford it. But we don’t want those with a tight budget buying and then regret it. Because you must also have a budget for advertising.

Reader Learner

The course is text-based and it's best for the reading type learners who prefer to have information displayed in text form. So if you learn better through video or audio then this isn't for you. 

Here's What To Do Next

Start your 7-day trial by clicking the button below. There's no catch. You have full access to the platform (everything customers are using). And don't worry you can cancel with 1-click from your dashboard. 


Why Offer A Trial And What Does It Cost?

It's simple. We want to demonstrate real value by demonstrating that we can help you by actually helping you.

For free.

Our hope is that you'll love it and see the value and stay after the trial. But there are also other options to choose.

7-Day Trial

Then charged one-time for $4,997.


Pay $4,997 upfront


3 payments of $1,997

Can I Get Refunded If I Change My Mind?

Remember, you can cancel any time during the trial. And we'll remind you 5 days before your trial ends. But if you decide to stay after the trial, there are no refunds. 

We don’t believe knowledge can be refunded; all sales are final. Because we have a sink or swim policy here to better encourage implementation. This isn't for timid people. 

Decide carefully; we won't give you the chance to “keep this for a little” while and wait to see if you ever get around to making use of this training platform and web service

So if you lack the self-confidence to put in the work to recoup your investment, then this isn't for you.

Otherwise, click the button below to start your trial.

Cancel with 1-click from your dashboard.

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