Process Simplified To Build Online an Fitness Business

Process Simplified To Build An Online Fitness Business 

All-in-one platform with the most immediate, easiest, and efficient client-getting method and coaching process that's working right now. With the tools and templates needed to implement quickly.

All-in-one platform with the most immediate, easiest, and efficient client-getting method and coaching process that's working right now. With the tools needed to implement quickly.

Read This Before Starting Trial

If you're burned-out by your career and want work-life balance by building an online fitness coaching or sports coaching business without stress or overwhelm. And live happier and healthier while helping others do the same. Then, continue reading this page carefully.

But First A Disclaimer

Please understand all businesses entail risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND DO NOT JOIN. You're required to put in some work, not a lot of it, but some work upfront is obviously required to make things happen. With that said, let's jump right and show you...

Exactly What's Inside

Simpler More is an all in one platform that includes easy to use tools, software, templates, and manuals to help you implement our very detailed, yet simple proprietary 'tried and tested' methods that’s working right now.

That shows you exactly how to start, grow, and manage your online coaching business. From A to Z. It’s a streamlined process that’s broken down into 8 components. That connects the dots for you and fits a piece at a time.

Without gimmicky marketing. Without depending on social media. And without spending hours on content creation. 

Save-time and be more efficient by automating all the manual tasks of delivering high-value coaching at scale.

Here's What You'll Learn
The foundations

Discover the laws of behavior change to build better habits for daily consistent progress. And identifying your most valuable tasks.

exit planning strategy

The phase of transformation by reverse engineering the amount of clients you need in accords to your lifestyle goals.

Audience Targeting

How to stand out by reaching people most trainers will never be able to reach. And know everything you need to know to target them. 

value pricing 

Exactly how much to charge per client in order to have sustainable profits and which prospects are likely to pay you the most with the least resistance.

website conversion

Website framework that works extremely well to convert cold leads and positions you as a trusted authority. And how to setup and personalize your done for you site.

ppc advertising

Get quality clients with our PPC google advertising method. It's the most targeted, immediate, and cost-effective. Includes our proven fill in the blank Ad writing templates.

sales and payments

How to close sale with a friendly, low key way without being salesy. Includes script template. And how to accept payments over the phone.

program fulfillment 

How to systemize clients fitness programs. So you can scale your coaching without sacrificing your freedom. By using our framework and tools.

Legal and agreements

All the legals you need to know to structure your coaching business efficiently: contracts, legals, templates, terms and condition etc.

Here's How It Works


Follow the step-by-step process. Where at each step, you'll see your progress. And see what you need to work on and what’s left to finish.


Customize and launch your client-getting, done for you site. And easily build your clients programs with our coaching tools.


We know you may have some questions. So send a message and get a helpful response in a few hours (or less) Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm PT.

What's Done For You Site 

A one page site template that's customizable to make as your own sales-ready client-getting website. It works for any fitness or sports training niche. And we made it convenient for you to launch immediately.

Because we done all the heavy lifting for you already.

By giving the proven site framework that's designed for converting cold traffic. Because it makes your visitor's eye move and focus on the right components of your site, in the order that converts them into qualified leads and into clients predictably, consistently, and profitably. 

All you do is fill in the blanks to be personalized and relevant to your coaching service. Then, you're ready to send traffic to it. 

This differs from website builders that have many unnecessary templates based on artistry, not industry and not designed to boost conversions. 

How You'll Eliminate Busywork

Secure WEB Hosting

Register your domain through Simpler More. Add to your site to go live immediately with our reliable hosting. No monthly fees. No configuration needed. Our automated step makes it easy.


Schedule with less back and forth. Set your availability so prospect can find a time that works. And only talk with qualified prospects by using our questionnaire template. 


You don't have to leave our platform for payment-related tasks. Create and deploy a payment form with seamless integration with Stripe to get you paid easier and quicker.


Use the e-signature tool with our coaching contract agreement template. And securely collect electronic signatures from your site. Easily download or receive an email attachment of signed documents as a PDF.

Program Builder

Save time building client training and nutrition programs, add notes, videos, and send to their calendar. Send automatic reminder messages. And know when they mark a workout as complete. 

Ad Tracking

Use our plugin to install a "conversion tracking code"  in your site. To track which keywords and Ad combo converted and see which ones are the most profitable. With a glance from the overview page.

But This Is Not For Everybody

The Simpler More platform isn't for everyone. And we feel it's necessary to give you more reasons why you shouldn't join and who this is for. We've got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met before you join.

Here it is:

Growth Mindset

Don't join unless you're willing to embrace the mindshift and discipline to create simplicty in your life and coaching business to attain work-life balance and productivity. 


Don't join if you're not passionate about fitness, nutrition, and helping others. If you only want to "try" coaching and see what happens, then this isn't for you. You must see long-term vision.

Financially Stable

This is not cheap. It's "affordable" for those who can afford it. But it's not for those with a tight budget joining and then regretting it. Because you must also have a budget for advertising.

Reader Learner

The methods are presented in text-based instructions on slides. And it's best for learners who prefer information displayed in text form. So it's easier to reference at anytime.

Here's What To Do Next

Start your 7-day trial If you meet the criteria above the start your 7-day trial by clicking the button below. There's no catch. You have full access to the platform (everything customers are using). Including our customer support. So try that out also during your trial.

Because if you like our customer support you'll feel you're being taken care of. And if you run into any problems you know we can help you right way. From build to launch and beyond, we want to make sure you're satisfied with the experience of our commitment to making sure you get results. 


The Investment and Why We Offer A Trial?

It's because we want to demonstrate real value by demonstrating that we can help you by actually helping you for free.

Because this is not something you should buy on impulse. So rather than buying today, why not wait "feel us out" a little bit longer through our 7-day trial.

Our hope is that you'll love it and see the value and stay after the trial. But don't worry there's no obligations. You can cancel anytime during the trial with 1-click from your dashboard. And we'll even remind you 5 days before your trial ends.

If you don't cancel, you'll automatically get upgraded and charged a flat fixed fee of $4,997 upfront or 6 payments of $997 if you choose to pay installments.

It's deliberately priced this much for three specific reasons besides the fact that we believe the information can help generate sales that easily dwarf the price:

  1.  To discourage those with a tight budget who can't focus and never implement anything. That end up buying then being overcome with buyers remorse.
  2. To encourage implementation of the platform. Because it's not for those with the tendency to continually chase new trends, new business opportunities, new methods, new software, and expecting overnight results. Without evaluating everything to see if it aligns with their values and goals in life.
  3. To save you time and money in the long-term because our platform is very cost-efficient. 

Here's Why It's Cost-Efficient

Unlike other fitness marketing programs that's incomplete with vague advice and never give all the pieces to connect together. So they can just sell you a new product every month. 

We never upsell you other products. We don't want you to be a repeat customer. Because our focus is to flatten your learn curve quickly by giving you the complete simplified solution.

And unlike most fitness coaching software and web services that charge different monthly plans or have add-on pricing. We don't charge you based on how much traffic you get to your site, how many clients you add, how many booking form submissions you get, how many transactions you make a month, or charge different monthly rates based on the transaction fee.

You only pay one flat price. And you'll be able to add and manage unlimited clients, no per client fees, lifetime and unlimited web hosting, unlimited booking form submissions, unlimited transactions with zero transaction fees, and lifetime priority support.

Zero Opportunity Cost

This adds up to significant savings as your business grows. Simpler More replaces a bunch of software. That way you don't have to piece together a ton of different software and products from other places. Or pay a bunch of different bills from different services.

Which is very inefficient because things get scattered everywhere, and becomes overwhelming.

Which has opportunity costs when it comes to you time, money, and mental state. This is the cost of not choosing the better alternative for the long-term benefits.

But Simpler More eliminates all those issues by combining only the essential tools, templates, and methods you need in one place. Optimizing efficiency for work-life balance. So you don't have to sacrifice your time, money, and happiness.

Our Refund Policy

Can I Refund If I Change My Mind?

If you decide to stay after the trial, there are no refunds. All sales are final.

So decide carefully. We don't won't give you the chance to "keep this for a little" while and wait to see if you ever get around making use of our system and platform. 

So if you lack self-confidence to put in the work to recoup your investment many times over, then this isn't for you. 

Otherwise, pick a payment option below for a seamless upgrade at the end of your 7-day trial.

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